Janja Glogovac

In 2002 she obtained a masters degree at FAMU academy in visual arts, she specialised in film directing. She worked as a film director for Croatian television (HTV), Slovenian television (RTV) and Czech national television (CTV). She shot more than 70 documentaries and reportages (worked for music program called 60.at CTV) across Europe. On her debut feature film L…like love she worked with an incredible cinematographer Igor Luther as well as on her feature documentary film called “Mystique of Palace Hotel”.

L…like love had a premiere at Rotterdam film festival 2008, the film also inspired to open a new section at Valencia film festival called Film by woman. The commission of the Eurocine 27 chose L…like love as the opening film of the film festival in Brussels, that took place simultaneously in 5 other cities in Europe (Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Barcelona and Rome). L…like love was also screened at Cannes film festival, Warshaw film festival, International film festival Raindance in London,..

Her short film “F” was chosen as the best short film selected by Paris film Academy awarded at Creteil film festival, as well as the screenplay of “F” was chosen for best screenplay, awarded by Czech literary found.

Her breakthrough happened with a documentary film called “Tito” that is about an ex-president of Yugoslavia. The film is about a lifestyle and a character of JOSIP BROZ – Tito who has made a difference in the world by giving an example of understanding the meaning of socialism. The film shows a personal life of the most powerful man in Yugoslavia..

Her newest documentary film “Teslafy Me” was released at US and Canada territory in 2019. It had a premiere at Santa Monica theatre in Los Angeles, November 2019. The film is a work of incredible information and visuals. It is about an ingenious inventor of electricity Nikola Tesla, about his work and his life. The film is based on a 10 years research of Janja Glogovac’s. The Teslafy Me documentary film has the most accurate information about Nikola Tesla’s work that has been ever released until, today.

At the moment she is working on a feature film called “Liquid Time”. The film is about memories of a person who is experiencing his life through the past moments being a guest in a famous hotel. The feature film “Liquid time” is in a post-production stage, right now.

“Eternity of the moment” is a romantic comedy. The script was written by Janja Glogovac. It is based on a homosexual relationships story between two women, looking for the deep connection in love..until they found the right one…

She also co-wrote a feature film script called “Forgotten dream”. It is a film about all new-old inventions in Nikola Tesla’s that are turning up ghosts and people’s minds in the present times. Nikola Tesla’s inventions are still giving solutions and questions in the world we are living in.

Between years 2011-2014 she filmed a documentary film about salsa, called “Heart of salsa”. The film was following life and work as well as events of Albert Torres’s. Albert Torres was the biggest promoter of salsa in the world. This film was co-directed with Magali Guidasci who was one of the most important costumer designers, at the time. Janja and Magali traveled the world to found out more about the roots of salsa and the life of Albert Torres’s. This film is in a post production stage, right now.

All of Janja Glogovac’s films were showed at the most important “A” film festivals in the world, that is from Cannes, Berlin, Karlovy Vary, Argentina film festival, IDFA and many others..

In 2010 Janja Glogovac came out with a new invention of a Space of Art platform that was made for connecting artists around the world.

She is a member of EUROPEAN FILM ACADEMY.