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- October 29, 2018

It is no question anymore that climate change is coming more and more into everyday life of all people in the world. Yet, there are still some that want to place climate change into a theory of conspiracy or natural circles. But even those I think are slowly changing their minds while it is so obvious just by opening the window and see the changes nowadays.

What before was a science fiction inspiration for SF books and movies is now reality. Two decades ago you could hear about that kind of weather events and changes only in books, movies and science newspapers. Today, it is in reported in every news, but still we did not change the system of producing power to run our machines globally on clean energy. We are still trying to get old ways to work for us until we exhaust all the natural reserves. But would than the man think to change the system of producing power or will we wake up earlier? Because, if we wait for that moment we will be too late and that is for sure. Looking to weather we are already running late.

But at the same time there are so many ways of producing power that goes more hand in hand with nature. Nikola Tesla was father of renewable energy as we call it and he was pointing to us how to use the wheels of nature like wind, sun, rain and water to turn the turbines to generate electric energy already then,  but although we are still burning coal and fossil fuels.

Why? Just because it is the cheapest way?

Not mentioning how that effects natural balance and how is it for us all breathing this air..well.. In the fossil fuels there are even parts of marmots and dinosaurs information and breathing this particles make our cells and our atoms connected to the organisms of far far past. No wonder why so many unknown illness are coming more and more alive, every year. And no wonders we cannot see clear the future, if we are constantly breathing elements from past and connected with those materials and parts of DNK of those organisms.

The Paris conventions were made to make long term temperature goal to lower below 2degreesC, but without consequences – it is based, as I understand it on moral values of each country to do it. I am sure that each country was first thinking about all possible inventions of all different kinds of filters rather than to change the system of producing power to change it more into clean energy.

But lately we can see changes more and more into clean solutions of producing energy. North countries of EU are leading with new solutions what is great and very respectful.

Of course the first answer is, we cannot use non-stop renewable energy, because the sun is not always shining and wind is not always blowing and also where to store renewable energy? But this questions are also bringing new solutions. New possible ways of producing and using not only storing it. Why not using it locally around where it is produced? To make the most out of it. . And bringing out new resonant machines and what Tesla was thinking about..

The thing is that we are using more than 100 years old systems of producing power and we used the AC invention of Nikola Tesla so much until now that even he 100 years ago was 200 years in front of us, not only in his thinking, but also in his inventions. Until today his system of producing and distributing electrical energy is the best we have, but I think it is time to think also about different solutions inspired with his mind.  I feel that we are living at least 50 years behind the time we are in, now.  And if we were able to integrate wireless telephones so quickly from the scratch to even addiction way of usage and that happened in the last 15 years, why can’t we do the same with clean energy?

Are we planting more trees adequate to the emission in the air in each country to solve a part of this problems? We are still depending on O2 and without O2 that is produced by nature no machines have meaning..

So, when if not today – when the climate change is so real and nature more and more laud and forceful will we listen to what Nikola Tesla had to say?

I hope with our Teslafy.Me documentary film we are going to inspire into direction to see the future full of clean energy solutions and new possibilities & inventions ..

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