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- March 22, 2020

Already the name is saying that she is a queen. A lot of stories is going on right now in the world. Is it conspiracy or not?  No one know where she came from this time and how long she will be here. But she was able to make all the borders closed, all the people afraid of each other and all us being indoors thinking should I say hi to my neighbor. “Shit he is too close, maybe I will say hi next time…”

Yes, I do go to the shop with glows and a scarf. Thanks God I am going always to the same shop where they already know me. The first time when I entered like that the man who is selling there was only smiling; saying : ” Oh, you took it really seriously this thing. I said: “..but how should I took it? I mean..” He said: “You are right, be safe. But just to let you know..you look like ninja 🙂 ”

But I am thinking if we all took it seriously for the next 14-30 days it should stop. Right now, it does not matter if it is from bats or it escaped from a laboratory. By the way the organization WHO said that the animals does not transmits this virus, so probably it is not from the bets.. Planned or not, the crown of happening and stopping everything is here now, and the virus can only be effective in 14 days until you found out if you have or not, so if we all follow instructions of isolation now and go to shops or interact with other people dressed as ninjas or other super heroes as long as you are all covered, it is ok in this period of time. So,  be at home and do something good and inspiring in between. Please, do not extend the time of isolation for all of us thinking it is nothing, and thinking you can not get it and it is all conspiracy. No, you should follow the orders now. I do not like to follow orders, but this time it is different, because as soon as it is stopped then the “normal” social life can come back, but before that you are giving power to the other side what ever it is. Now, the only thing that is important is to be safe and healthy and I wish this to all. So, my friends keep up your creative side of mind in this period of time, think what you can do to empower you mind, body and soul in this crazy times.

I decided I will share one story with you..But not to confirm the conspiracy or to make you afraid. I just want to make you think and be aware as well as to be inspired and to start research by yourself now when you have time at home. Research good stuff on internet and N.Tesla is for sure a great inspiration and once you started it is like a Pandora*s box, it always open a new box and a new one…But do not try to make the wireless power transmission on the basics of electromagnetism that we know today, because the side effect is an earth quake. Research renewable energies. Research how to store energy or produce it with kinetic energy..and meditate. Because what you focus on comes alive. So focus in good creative things in life…

When I started the Teslafy Me film in 2015 I was in NY in Pennsylvania hotel and it was then when I got a lot of very important Nikola Tesla documents, as well as his had writings and letters. I was reading all this and I remember very emotional moment when I was reading how Tesla*s friends are addressing his situation of having no money even for food to the most important institutions in NY.  When I was reading all this I was  disgusted by the world we live in  and very moved  at the same time. When I finished reading all of the documents I was crying and looking from my hotel room to the New Yorker Hotel that is just across thinking… today, they would give billions to bring back Nikola Tesla to help them with the problem of climate changes. All this made me even more determinate to do documentary about Nikola Tesla – Testify Me. I said to myself I will do it no matter what. I want his story to come back and I want every body to know who he was and what he did it for all of us..  I was so upset that to calm down, I needed to bring myself back to reality, so I started to read newspapers. And there in the newspapers of 2015 it was a prognoses for the 2019 from a very establish politician. That said in 2019 the people will be afraid of traveling, afraid of coming to contact to each other, the borders will be closed and the people will not even think about traveling. And I was thinking yes right…I closed the newspapers thinking someone watched too many of SF movies to wrote this article. And now with Corona virus this article came back to my mind. And than few days ago I saw this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hw0Lb74bh4  Did Bill Gates read the same article 2015 and got this idea?

But whatever it is one thing it is good in all this. Did you notice that there is no pollution, did you notice that dolphins came to Venice what did not happen for a long time. And did you notice that there is no engine noise – no noise pollution right now…what about to be like that all the time, but with you not being indoors but outdoors..what about if it is true that we can bring now the whole planet on the next level? On the level where we are not anymore the destroyers of the planet? What can we do to make a 0% emission world ?

Think about it…

Keep educate yourself, look up for Nikola Tesla*s knowledge, it will only make you more open to all what we can create. Be safe and do not give the power to the fear, give power to the creative and innovative part of yourself, now.

Watch if you can: https://www.amazon.com/Teslafy-Me-Marina-Abramovic/dp/B07Z9SKZ9W

Be on high vibes and focus on all good things.

Love you all!


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