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- August 15, 2018

Through this summer, I took a little vocation, but mostly I was working and developing new projects as well as bringing towards the end Teslafy documentary & I was meditating. I questioned myself a lot: What is desire that is leading us through life? Why we are so much attached to some subjects and why some are not resonating with us at all?

I had a funny conversation with my friend recently. He asked me why are you so dedicated to Nikola Tesla; “Are you married to him?” I laugh, but than I thought for a second… “Wait, but I did not choose this subject or project, it chose me..”

Why? I guess something with my original desire resonated with this subject, that is probably why I decided to go that road. My memory went back to when it all started. And I remembered the new year of 2008 in LA and the promise I did to myself, before going to the party. I remembered one special moment when the whole world stopped.. I was watching in front of my eyes all the situations I went through and people that I met in this time and found out that there is something more, something that is dragging me back there where the time just stopped, something that I have forgotten to bring to light…the flashes went through my mind as if I would watched a quick edited film of my life.

Yes, it was a script for feature movie that brought me in connection with Nikola Tesla and while this script at the end turned out to be without Nikola Tesla; I decided to do first the documentary film about Nikola Tesla. It was something deep calling me to bring his name into the light, but on the road of discovering Nikola Tesla I found out so much more. I found out new vision of the world. World that can be focused on solutions not problems, world where people care about their original desires that is bringing out their true talents and not just being a part of consuming structure. I imagined what the world would be like if we would all follow our true talents, talents that each person carry inside from childhood. What kind of education we will need on this planet to get out the best from each and every person? I was thinking a lot why the hack we learn in schools chemistry and physics separately, if there are so much connected, no wonder that we can not understand the world we are living in and much more..

Through exploring the work of Nikola Tesla and his inspiration through art and nature a whole new world opened to me and I started to follow new inventions and people doing them as they are following their true desires regardless that half of world think they are insane. But original desire is something more than pleasure; desire is something that your soul is looking for to fulfill the true needs of our existence. It is connected with the childhood dream. A feeling that you just know it is the right one.

They say there are experiences we come to look for in this life. But we can have millions of experiences and if we do not come to alignment with our true desire than situation based experiences are not important for the road at all. At the end you forgot experiences, but you do not forget special moments – moments of love, moments of true friendships, moments when you achieved impossible. Moments when you break through your own possibilities and expectations. There are true, original desires we all came to fulfill through the moments and those moments can be nothing important just bathing in the sea and feeling of being connected with the whole world or watching the grass moving by the wind – only the total connection with the moments is where the soul gets the food. And after all do you think that monks that are in meditation for a year do not have any experiences at all by sitting at one place talking to no one? I know that they have more experiences of their true desire than those looping in the same situation based experiences without any recognition. Before measuring the time with sun clocks they measured time with moments, but probably they found out that some moments were longer then others depending on emotion, so they had to find outsource measurement to unite us in one picture. But what about uniting us in true desires?

I am just finishing a big structure of a project that has seeds through many years of creation and I am looking back to where it all started and with gratitude I can say now that although it was crazy and difficult at some parts of the road, I know now why I chose this way.

Well my original desire is connected with creation. I love to create new things coming from imagination, dreams or visions. I like to explore life through different tools of creation and there are moments of no importance that are giving me power to go forward. Probably those are the moments of alignment with true desire that fulfills my soul. Specially the moments at the pyramids under a sky full of stars where I am just channeling universal peace. I love magic of life and I also like to be alone in my world when I create and experience all what situation based experiences cannot bring me. I am grateful to see the mosaic of all things coming together into a beautiful picture of creation with beautiful people and old wish to fulfill the dream.

We needed to develop, so we can implement. We need to unlock our original desire so we can follow it.

And what is your true desire?


FORGOTTEN DREAM  in development

illustration by Miro Zubovic

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