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- November 18, 2018

Recently, I have been asked many times to not say in my film; that the energy is present in unlimited quantities in nature…what actually was said by N.Tesla. So, I decided to wrote this blog. Everything what is said in documentary Teslafy.Me about Nikola Tesla came from his writings and his patents as well as the books that he wrote. That was my inspiration for the film and for the voice over in the film.  At first I was listening to all what other people had to say, that is why we made so many interviews during this few years. When I found an interesting information,  I had to check it out if it is true or not and the only one who could confirm this was Nikola Tesla. As he is not alive anymore I had to check out all of his hand writings and all of his patents and all of books he wrote and compare the dates to find out the accurate statements and accurate information. And that is how this film was made. It was a long process of studying.

After all the researches I made, I have to stress out that we have one very big problem by understanding his work and that problem comes from the school books that all the children are learning in schools, today. Our mind set is set to not understand electric energy as basic knowledge at all. Only those who go to study this specific subject can come to understanding, but not to N.Tesla’s way of thinking, because his ways are not in the school books. Actually he is still present in all what we use but not in what we learn about and how we learn about what he made for us. And that was the true motivation of why I went on this road to make this film.

Just yesterday, I was visiting my nephew who is in secondary school  learning about radio transmission and wireless communication. What I found out in the schoolbook was just definitions of so complicated expressions that you can not understand what they wanted to say at all. Poor children are learning definitions written by those who want to be cleaver by the expressions and to hide the meaning of it in it.  What kids are learning  is surface knowledge that does nothing to do with reality or practical way of functioning. And that is why for most of the people on the Earth even in theory the electric energy is  just an abstract subject that they decided right away in their mind: “I can not understand this,  but it is nice to use WIFI and cell phone and electric devices in my home; so thanks to those who are doing this to make it happen; who ever this is.”  And that is the limit our brain works on this subject.

But if we look from Nikola Tesla perspective – every atom that we are made of, or every atom in our surrounding has an electron. As you all know from chemistry, it depends on the element; how many electrons are in one atom. So, we know from the basic knowledge of the first class of chemistry that electron carries a negative charge. And if we can free electrons of atom and force it to move, we can create electricity.

So, the statement; “.. the electric energy should be considered the same as the air that we breath, because in nature it is presented in unlimited quantities.” by Nikola Tesla.  Is very true, because every atom carries an electron and can potentially make electricity, but we can not force every electron to produce electricity for us.. As we can not breath every kind of air. If the air is polluted is not good for us of course. But we have unlimited possibilities for producing electricity, because in nature potential electric charge is in every atom. The thing  is we do not know how to do it, because we are satisfied with what we have until now. But the minds of inventors are going further..

And that is what Nikola Tesla was pointing out. His thinking was wide and possibilities unlimited in inventions, but always connected with what is good for the human kind and nature at the same time.

The question is still why in the most school systems on Earth we are learning about Physics and Chemistry completely separate like it is not connected at all. If kids would understand meaning of it, rather why they need to learn all of the abstract definitions, I do believe they would be inspired to become great inventors and not only users of the devices they are addicted to.

And one thing is for sure – to understand Nikola Tesla’s mind, you have to have clean mind and kids do have it.

So, the film Teslafy.Me is made to open some basic understanding and to inspire to find out more by yourself. Because each one on this planet is co-creator of reality we are a part of in this time we are here on Earth. Nikola Tesla’s dream was to live more connected; by sharing knowledge in peaceful, healthy society and to be aware of the nature that we are all a part of it.

That is why the problem of climate change and all the other environmental issues as results of our ignorance in the history and in the present time, should be addressed in the schoolbooks as well,  because kids would have a big mission in future to fix what all other generations before them destroyed. Because in our mind we split from being one with nature.

As N.Tesla said; Let the future tell the truth…We made this film to remind you that the future is now.

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