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JANJA GLOGOVAC  was born in Slovenia, Maribor. Studied film directing in Zagreb (Croatia) at ADU (The Academy of Drama Arts) , but left after the second year to attempt at famous Prague Film Academy – FAMU. 2002 she obtained a masters degree at FAMU academy in visual arts, specializing in film directing. Between the years 1994 and 2000 she worked as a director for the Croatian television (HTV), for Slovenian radio-television (RTV) and Czech national television (CTV). She shot more than 70 documentaries across Europe. Her first feature film L…like love she shot with the establish cinematographer Igor Luther and with stars as Rade Serbedzija, Lucija Serbedzija, Labina Mitevska, Davor Janjic, Ksenija Misic and others brilliant actors. L…like love had a premiere at Rotterdam film festival 2008, as well opened a new section at Valencia film festival called Film by woman. The commission of the Eurocine 27 chose L…like love as the opening film of the film festival in Brussels, that took place simultaneously in 5 other cities in Europe (Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Madrid and Rome). L…like love was also screened at Cannes film festival, Warshaw film festival, International film festival Raindance in London,..Presented also at Berlinale film market and had cinema release in Slovenia 2008.



As film director Janja Glogovac has created a feature film called L like love that had a premiere at Rotterdam film festival she was awarded for her short film F as the best European movie by Paris Academy and won several recognitions for her documentary movie TITO.


FILM PRODUCER From 2001 she also works as a film producer in her own production companies. With her production skills she co – produced almost all of her films, as well as opened a casting agency Casting Agent for finding a new talents.Her movies were made by international co-production with respectful film productions.

 Her film language is unique, visual style rich and special and her stories controversial.


FILMS  All her movies were presented and screened at the most important A film festivals around the world.  Film festivals that have screened her films are: Cannes film festival, Valencia film festival, IDFA, Argentina film festival, Raindance London film festival, Cottbus film festival, Creteil film festival, Berlin film festival, Karlovy Vary film festival, European meeting 27 countries…Her films were mostly shot on 35mm or 16mm film stock. Her short film F won a prize as the best European short movie by the Paris film Academy (Creteil film festival). For her short film F she also won a prize of the Czech literary fund for original script, as well as many other nominations at European film festivals. Janja Glogovac was chosen also as the new talent by Kodak at Cannes film festival. She won the third place and special mention at IDFA film festival (Amsterdam) for her documentary film TITO. Her movies were marked also by the critics in Czech Republic, Argentina, Netherlands, France and on Balkan as a breaking new wave of movies. 

INTERACTIVE She is also creating in new medias and developed a social platform for Art.She is developing also an App and VR. The trans-media part of the project Teslafy.Me was already honored with a prize at East Doc Platform in Prague 2017.