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- March 24, 2020

It is amazing. Silence. Birds are heard.  No noise of engines. But I am in the middle of the city where many of millions live, right now.

I would like to live in the world where no sound of pollution is heard. Where is no traffic making the pollution. I would like to live in the world where people can express themselves by the talents they come to share on this planet to. I would love to see people happy and satisfied.

The quarantine time  is the time to explore deep inside, the side in you that you maybe have forgotten about. Do you really work a job that you were imagine to work as a child. Does it brings you satisfaction and fulfillment in life or just money? Do you feel deep inside there is something more, something that wants to come out? If so, now is the time to be honest to yourself, time to explore what is inside of you and what you really want to do.

I was thinking about the corona virus for a while now. And I think it is the best business model that anyone can imagine. It is expanding very quickly. And how it goes. Between the first circle that is around you, the closest. And than it spreads further..

They all say there will be a big economic crisis when we come out of this..even bigger one than after 2008. But..if we begin to think like corona is spreading and if we begin to work in our talents and extend it to the short circle around and then the circle around the short circle, we are creating a new reality, a new economic model. It needs a one man to start a new circle a one man to extend his or hers talents between a short circle and then on and on…

They say it is all f..up because the stock market is not working anymore. But what if we now create a new one?

What about if we finally create something that is based on nature? What if the new measurement will not be anymore how much gold the country has, but how much Oxygen the country can produced? I was following closely the changing of the 1kg. It was a big thing that all the scientists in the world were working for to define it. I mean they found out few years ago that the measurement called Grand K was loosing weight. And it was a big panic for the top of the world. For us all this did or does not mean a lot. I mean to be honest I would be glad if my weight would show less by the kg. But if you picture falling of kg for few milligrams and you have a lot of goods transported or gold in treasure for value of your country and that measurement does not work with what you had before, then it is a bit of a problem. So they finally decided new measurement parameters – https://apnews.com/e6991383703e4ad5a9570d97b0e57822 and they keep them safe stored with many locks in France : https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/le-grand-k

But in the times like this now, what does it matter?

Oxygen on the first place, water on the second and food on the third. To buy food – gold comes in the game. But before that all what we take for granted, but it is not anymore and that is Oxygen and water.

So, why not to based our countries by how much Oxygen country can produce and how much the country does to prevent pollution and with that also prevent climate changes and much more..It is time for different thinking, it is time to think also on what our civilization is based on,  don*t you think?

I am just thinking out laud..

And beside that I am listening to the good vibes music of my friend at his new music channel :


Check it out if you like good spirit vibrations..

Love you all!

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