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- May 22, 2018

They say that Leonardo DaVinci’s time is over and that Artist should be specialized only in one field of creative profession.  For me that would be the same as focusing the whole life into one single picture and trying to make the best out of it. I love Leonardo and I know his time is not over. I was also studding Nikola Tesla for a long time who created in his field various things that is why is for me natural to combine tools of creation or different medias..

My passion is traveling and to be inspired with other cultures and their ways of thinking. I like to experience life through feelings and emotions and materialize visual creations out of it. And I like creating a net of people who think or feel similar at the time.

To  make a film is to emerge with different visions into one creation and each time someone connects with the project the vision is wider, sometimes different and sometimes completely the same. Reading mind or behavior is job of film director to be able to lead the creation into the right direction..But when you have a good team of people around you, it is so nice to loose control of leading and just be led by the wings of creation.

Yes, I am an artist and that is why I create. Creating is not only my job, it is a way of life. Sometimes I observe and let myself be inspired, sometimes I am inspiration and sometimes my work inspires others, but it always inspires me to go further and to find out more and do more stuff. I am curious all the time. And simple question why we are here and where we are going gives me always so many possibilities to think and to create. I love my job and I love the feeling of creation. Each one has its own way to catch their own dreams. Art is my mission to my goal.


Dream Catcher

Yes, I am a dreamer and I am not the only one 😉

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