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- March 22, 2019

A very talented composer joined our Teslafy Me crew this year. He is not only talented in playing multiple instruments and composing amazing music, but also very inventive and a true magician. It was like meeting a spirit of  Nikola Tesla when working with him. He was able to compose a music for few scenes in one day and catch the right mood and atmosphere right away. It was so inspiring and creative. We talked about the content of the true meaning of Nikola Tesla work and that part of the history and he said I know how it should sound like..and he came with the music that was mystic but emotional, vintage but futuristic..

When I asked him what is this special sound in one music track? I never heard this..He just smiled and said I put different amount of water in bottles and than I wired them and played on them. He was even thinking like Nikola Tesla. I mean Nikola Tesla used exactly the same principle to measure the frequency of his coils, as at that time they did not have the instruments to do this. After that I said to myself I think Kevin is connected with Nikola Tesla more than I thought he is. Every music track has his own story, that Kevin will explain when meeting him at the premiere of the film.  Now, I do believe that Teslafy Me film was waiting all this time for him to come and join us.

It was also strange how we met  in 2016. I came from shooting in Chicago two days before I had a plan to arrive in LA, so I had to book Airbnb for two days before going further on shooting. When I arrived in front of the house in Venice Kevin arrived at the same time and had the same issue as me. He booked the same house in last minute as he came to LA for Grammy music awards.

We met in front of the house, but the code of the electric doors was not working for both of us. So, we had to wait for someone to open the doors for us and that someone did not answer the phone. Therefore we start talking and soon the subject was Nikola Tesla. I was surprised how much he knew about Nikola Tesla’s life and work. Mostly people I met at that time knew only the name Tesla, because of Tesla Motors. The next day it happened the same, we arrived from different meetings at the same time in front of the house and the electric door did not open for us, again, so we talked about the movie. At the time I was still shooting it and he was involved in other project. And by the end of last year he wrote me and said he want to do some music inspired with Nikola Tesla with his son and if I can help him with some directions. Right away, I said maybe it is time for you to do the music for our Nikola Tesla film. We talked on phone few hours before new year’s eve and agreed: Let’s do it!

Now, I can only say that Nikola Tesla could not find a better person to make a music for our TESLAFY ME film and that sometimes doors closes for a reason for you to open a new doors of creation.

Thank you Kevin you are amazing and a true artist.


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