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- August 8, 2018

It is a beautiful planet with amazing specter of colors reflecting through the air. It is a planet with a lot of water and different animals, plants, different cultures and variety ways of looking at life. It is a planet we are all citizens of and it is a planet that has a satellite Moon. And this satellite can lift the level of the sea by its magnetism. It is an incredible dance of nature and movements of planets in our galaxy happening every moment and we are part of this. Yet, we do not focus on this as we are mostly caught in our own ways of feeling the energy through our emotions and experiencing life very subjective. So, each person is stuck in its own small word of understanding and reacting and even if we are all made the same we are afraid of each other by the color of the skin or different religions and mindsets,…from difference we should learn. History is here to understand life better and not to define it.

Already Mayans had a saying a long time before our counting the time »Think global act local.« But what is happening right now in the world is »Think local act global.« It is kind of very short view and very short vision of the world, but influencing us all.

Systems of living in the developed countries on Earth are separated from understanding nature…what you need you can find on internet or buy it in supermarket, who would think about our planet, right?

Everything in the last 10 years became »smart«. We have »smart« telephones, »smart« computers, »smart« electricity, even »smart« oil and gasoline and eat GMO food. Everything around us became smart, except of us.

Nature is showing its power more and more. Animals are disappearing as a result of human toffies, »needs« or by crazy changes of temperatures and with that the whole chain of life in nature is changing…yet we do not see it close enough.Probably we are expecting in future lions and polar bears to learn smart technology, too, so they would not be worried about their existence on this planet and follow our trends and ways of experiencing life.

The funny part is that what connected us in the past is isolating us now. What to do is the question?

Our way of living is using a lot of energy that we are still producing mostly on dirty ways by digging into Earth to provide power for our smart devices and our homes. You switch on the light and you don’t even think where it comes from.

I am thinking a lot about how we can change this old ways to go more with nature – with the wind, sun and use kinetic energy of all the movements in the world more… How to store renewable energies? Imagination is unlimited and solutions are by the hand and in the minds of many..

Why not use what is given to us naturally, why should we invent the nature after destroying it?

Can we change food industry? Is possible to not think about the food as a product of transportation anymore, but the energy we need to be maximal functional and healthy. How much food is thrown away by transportation and how much pollution goes with that? Why not grow food where is the best climate for it and why each product should make such a big circle and not direct road to come where it needs to go to be consumed?

It is an important day today with a lot of shift of energy going on and I am thinking as a citizen of the planet Earth.

I am thinking about how to inspire young to see more clean solutions. Because in young hearts there is the biggest power of change. They say people are afraid of change, but the only constant in the world is change…

Nevertheless with Tesla movie I started to follow a lot of changes that are happening in the world, today. So, I can happily say that I see a bright future with a lot of new possibilities and new solutions …from new ways of transportation to renewable energy decisions of the countries and self sustainable cities. As well as new money that came with internet that is challenging old systems, right now. There is so much to be discovered in near future and I do believe strongly that inventive times are at the doors and together with wider perceptions of those inventing them; that are including nature and consequences of action in the picture…we will be fine and happy. It is just a fact we can not live without nature but nature will be fine without us.

For the last 10 years I was researching the history of mankind – from development of cities/ politic systems / energy development / money structuring/ religion / astronomy / astrology to understand what the hack Tesla had in mind and to understand why I am born in a country that does not exists anymore. But today I can only say I am a treasure of experiences that do not define who I am and I am focused in future and living in now.

It is summer and it is beautiful to be charged with sun and cooled down with wind and if you look at the blue sky and take focus from it on a distance of 20 cm above your nose, you will see a beautiful play of little particles of light and that is a structure of our reality.

It is all a movement and dance of light so lets create a bright vision.



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