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- November 27, 2019


TESLAFY ME documentary film that is based on Nikola Tesla’s life and work had a premiere on November 9th in Los Angeles, Santa Monica.

The cinema was packed and full of the people that love Nikola Tesla and his work. There were people in the cinema that were inspired by his work and also those that had no clue about who he was thinking that they will see a film about Tesla Motors.

But at the end of the screening I was more than happy to find out that people were thinking what they can do to improve the society…

They were thinking about the education system that should include Nikola Tesla in the school programs to find out who Nikola Tesla really was and what he did for us. I was very satisfied after the screening because of this.

I was also very  much happy that on the premiere of the film there was Kevin White (composer) and Mira Furlan (actress) supporting the event with their presence.

I do think that  Nikola Tesla’s work is a key for our future and knowing more about him and his view on the science will widen our vision where humanity should walk in the future..

They say the sky is the limit …but for N.Tesla the whole universe was in his mind when discovering something new.


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