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- March 15, 2020

It is Saturday evening, but the city is almost empty. It is like a dark cloud landed upon the whole world. Like the end of the world is near. People are in their homes,  afraid to come out or to interact with other people.  The borders are closed. The world is silent and feels like everything has stopped for the next 30 days.

It is worse than the war situation.  In the war there are enemies considered by the politic side, ideology or interests, but here with the virus going around the whole world no one is enemy and all at the same time. The virus does not distinguish between rich or poor or the belief system. It hits all that are close to those that have it and those that have it sometimes does not even know that they have it.

One important thing is we were for a long time acting very irresponsible on this planet.  And now we are asking ourselves why this is happening? With the rising of the temperature of the planet and pollution there is no question why, but how we can now change the path, so we can not in the future be exposed to more mutations of different viruses.

I have the feeling that this all came now as a reset button. When if not now we will take it serious that the whole Earth is hitting up, the forests are disappearing – our engines for Oxygen are limited..When if not now will mankind step on the next level of awareness?

Maybe now being locked in the houses people will understand more the life itself. Maybe the question why are we here on this ball called Earth would rise up more often now?

When if not now we would start to be respectful, caring to each other and to realize we do not need toilet paper for your asses. We need new ways of thinking. We need new ways of producing energy and that will bring new ways of vision..if there are new ways of thinking new jobs are created and there is no need for panic. If new ways appear there is also opportunity for new creative ways of living in this world. New ways of thinking would rise now and would be beneficial to those who are open to receive knowledge. At least that is what I wish to come out from all this chaos.

We did not come to this planet to survive, but to have fun, we did not come to work in jobs that only bring money, but to be fulfilled with what you do. We did not came to be in fear and lead by it, but to be open and to be loving to all people around us, animals and the planet itself. Being here for each other and being here for nature and to give a chance for next generation to have the same opportunity.

The reason why I went to deep research of Nikola Tesla and his work was because I sensed there is something that is important for the whole mankind, there is something that is forgotten and is crucial for us all. That is why I felt it is important to make a documentary about Nikola Tesla.
Teslafy.Me is just opening first chapter of the story, it is bringing you closer to understand what we can have.. Why the electrification of the world is crucial now and why renewable energies are so important..

Now, it is a time for us to stop and think what can I change to do the impact, what is the world I would like to live in? It is the time to find out more why we are here, what is important and how we can make this world a better place..

And Nikola Tesla is still the greatest source for finding new solutions. Showing directions where to look, how to think and how to be on the top of the game even 100 years later. He predicted all this. He wanted to prevent all that we are facing today to happen and that is why he was stopped…

But as he said – ..the present is there’s, the future for which I really worked it is mine.

By understanding him and his knowledge we can shift this planet and our future. With renewable energy and new ways of producing and ways of transportation we can shift not only planet but our perception of the whole meaning of life.

Therefore, if you are at your homes in US and Canada, you can watch Teslafy.Me film on 200 cable televisions and at the VOD like Amazon, Vudu, iTunes and other providers..And it is also available to buy a DVD for other parts of the world..

Who knows maybe you are the one this film is made for to shift your perception and to be the one who will change the word.

Stop with excuses “I can not change the world.” And remember it was only one man needed – Nikola Tesla to give us all what we are taking now for granted and automatic from wireless transmission, radio, remote control, AC power, … Maybe it is just you needed to make the same impact now.

I wish  you all to start thinking and dreaming a better world in this reset mood that we are in right now, because each of us matters and remember just one person can change the world.

Nikola Tesla did it 🙂

Love you all.



One of the links to Teslafy.Me where you can. watch the movie: https://www.vudu.com/content/movies/details/Teslafy-Me/1270963

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