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- May 25, 2018

I was always inspired with life by observing other people’s behavior or their way of living. For a long time I did not know that physics is just life put in formulas to understand better laws of life on Earth..In a secondary school I hated physics and mathematics I did not have to learn a lot, but understood naturally. But my interest was from when I remember myself art and creation in art.

It was a dream of 15 dimension that led me to explore more about science. I wanted to know what 15 dimension is and if it exists. Exploring the meaning of that dream brought me first to Einstein. I was fascinated with his formula E=mxc2. I even did a photo exhibition of my photos called E=mxc2. But then in one book Einstein mentioned Nikola Tesla.. I was living in Prague at the time and I was every day in an elevator that was made by Tesla – Czech company. So, every day I was looking to Tesla’s name when pressing button to get up or down with the elevator..In my mind I usually had a thought “I have to learn more about Tesla, he was from our country, but I only know that he invented AC power and lit the first city in world that was Chicago, nothing more.” Time was passing and I forgot about my dream or wish to know more about Tesla, until in 2008, when I went to NY and for the road I took a book of a friend that forgot in my apartment and that was a book about Nikola Tesla written by Margaret Cheney MAN OUT OF TIME. I read the whole book on an airplane and when I stepped out at JF Kennedy airport, I wanted to know all about Nikola Tesla and make a film about him. So, I started to study Nikola Tesla’s work and by the same time I had to understand physics, if I wanted to understand him..

It was my friend Dejan Krajnc who did a big shift in my mind by showing me a simple experiment with bulb and magnets. It was him who opened my eyes to understand science by looking at life and movements and creation on Earth different and to understand science by heart not by mind set of what I have learned about physics.

That lead me to complete obsession to find out more ways of producing clean energy on Earth that would walk hand in hand with nature not against it…and maybe with this prevent climate changes on Earth..

If I want to invent and work in science, now? Why not connecting Art and Science. Artists have imagination and scientist knowlage how to do it. I am honored I met and connected with so many scientists and visionary people around the world who do not only have knowlage, but also imagination and good heart.

Through TESLAFY.ME project I want to show that life and work of Nikola Tesla did change life on this planet for ever.. In respect to the great inventor we all connected to lit his name and open minds of people around the world… more on www.teslafy.me

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